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Manitoba Water Stewardship’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre has issued a high water advisory for the Waterhen River in the Interlake, due to the possibility of more frazil ice jams forming in the next few days and weeks.

Frazil ice, which has already begun to form, is a combination of slush and ice crystals that does not totally freeze but has the potential to cause a jam.  These jams can result in sudden river rises of one metre or more.

In the last two days, temperatures have fallen below freezing and water level rises of up to 1.2 metres (3.9 feet) have been recorded at Waterhen.  It is difficult to predict accurately where and when the frazil ice will develop, however, the communities of Mallard, Rock Ridge and Waterhen along the Waterhen River are advised to be vigilant as levels on the river could rise quickly.

Levels of the Waterhen River are expected to remain high throughout the winter, however, dikes are in place to protect most low-lying buildings in the area.

This high water advisory will be updated if river conditions and forecasts change significantly.

The latest information on water levels is available at:

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