Playlist for The Big One | Nine Lies – Blind

Hmmm. This one is more than just a simple add to the Playlist for The Big One.

This is one of those surreal moments wherein the Facebook ref a friend sent about a hard-rocking indie band out of Northern Ireland trying to raise money for a new MRI scanner on behalf of a toddler with a rare debilitating illness turns out to be one of the groups I had on my list of Must Listens for 2012.

The toddler is named Blaze. He’s four-years-old and, according to his folks, he’s one helluva fighter for a ‘wee man.’ You should learn more about Blaze on the website his parents created called Blaze’s Appeal

The band is called Nine Lies. The song is ‘Nothing Left For Me

Nine Lies rocks! They are most excellent. And they are on a serious roll.

•    The Song “Blind” licensed to Warner TV
•    The Song “Behind It All” licensed as the theme tune to TV programme ‘Our Prisoner’ in the USA.
•    The Song “We R1” licensed to Techno Sweat
•    The Licensing of several tracks to PC Games Development and Publishing for “Trucker 2″
•    The song “Slippin Away” selected by ASCAP for excellence in song writing award at Music Expo in L.A.
•    Legendary Producer Stuart Epps working with Nine Lies on the “Someone” EP
•    Nine Lies were invited to play at Times Square, NYC for St Patricks Day 2011
•    Being the Headline Act on the  Unsigned Stage at Lark in the Park 2011
•    Being invited back to play FMI Music Festival, Brazil 2011

Stevie Mann – Music Production, Lyricist, Lead singer
Dave Kernohan – Guitarist, back vocals
Nick Black – Guitarist, arrangments
Stoogie – Drums
John Rossi – Bass Guitarist, Backing Vocals (formerly of Snow Patrol)

Other than heart & soul, I don’t know what the connection is – if any – between Blaze and Nine Lies.  Good on the band for stepping up.

You can follow Nine Lies online at

Vid for Blaze’s Appeal

Vid for Nothing Left For Me

Playlist for The Big One | Brian Mackey – Honest Love

This add to the Playlist for The Big One is ‘Honest Love’ – a makes-you-smile upbeat americana-countryish-worldbeat tune by very accomplished NYC-based singer/songwriter Brian Mackey.

Mackey & his music are everywhere these days. His songs ‘Color Blue’ and ‘Honest Love’ have been placed in four feature fims due for release in 2012 – “The Boys of Abu Graib” with actors Sara Paxton (Last House on the Left) and Sean Austin (Lord of the Rings), “Fake” directed by Gregory Friedle with Robert Loggia and Gabriel Mann, “Fathoms Deep”, and “29,000 Wishes, 1 Regret” directed by Oliver Robins (Poltergeist).

In 2011, Mackey was on stage at The Highline Ballroom, Angels and Kings NYC, The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, The Mercury Lounge NYC, Sullivan Hall NYC, Gavin De Graw’s National Underground NYC, Austin’s SXSW music festival,  The Cape May festival on the Jersey Shore, Florida Music Festival, The Hard Rock Cafe, Nashville, Six Flags Amusement Park in Missouri, Musikfest in PA, University of Akron, and Johnson CC in Kansas.

His radio plays include Indie Revolution Radio feature on New York’s 100.9 WMIR, Austin’s Big Talker Radio — 98.9 FM, Interview on IRadio LA, 91.7 WNJR Pittsburgh, Radio UK International Showcase Hour and featured artist on Indie104LA, Cape Cod 90.7 WKKL,  as well as numerous other radio stations and features. He also was endorsed by Gap’s Born to Play Live 40th anniversary events.

‘Honest Love’ video shot in Chicago and produced by Nick Cavalier.

Follow Brian Mackey online at



Playlist for The Big One | Jacks and Aces – Last Days in Brooklyn

This add to the Playlist for The Big One goes out to Martin-Jeanguy and my other brothers & sisters who ride the neon range of EMS on overnight shifts.

‘Last Days in Brooklyn’ is a scorching blues rock tune from Jacks & Aces based in Portland ME.

You can hear the influence of Beck & Clapton in Jack Fossett’s fretwork on ‘Last Days’ from the band’s debut 2011 LP ‘Senseless.’Aces & Jacks are staying up late working on their second LP ‘Skyline’ slated for release in 2012.

Jack Fossett – Vocals, Lead Guitar
Zack Pomerleau – Drums
Kris Rodgers – piano
Pat Sylvia – Guitar
Andrew Buslovich – Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar
Kevin Roy – Bass

Online at

Upcoming dates:

Jan 7, 2012 Saturday 3:30 PM DamJam 2012 Damariscotta, ME Event Notes
Playing at DamJam 2012!!!
Feb 4, 2012 Saturday 8:00 PM Dover Brick House Dover, NH Event Notes

Last Days in Brooklyn – Jacks and Aces by jackfossett

Playlist for the Big One | The Susan Constant – Came/Went

This is a Saturday morning catchy rock/pop add to the Playlist for the Big One. The Susan Constant is an indie rock band out of Boston. The song is Came/Went from their 2011 LP ‘Rayonnement’.

“Committed to writing hooky and insightful indie rock for local consumption, we write radio songs for people who don’t listen to the radio.”

Hmmm. I’ll just roll with that line. The Susan Constant (not one of the ships that landed at Jamestown) sound a bit like the second-coming of The Silencers. Smart lyrics, great musicianship and serious hooks.

The Susan Constant has been filling clubs throughout Boston and New England since 2009. TSC released their debut album Rayonnement in March 2011. The debut single “Charles De Gaulle” has aired on major radio stations across Boston and has even stretched itself to New Zealand.

TSC is:

Jim Bernat – Keyboard/vocals
Brian Kingsbury – Guitar
Jason Rossman – Drums
Paul Sennott – Lead vocals/guitar
Mark Veligor – Bass/vocals

You can follow TSC online

Score a digital download of Rayonnement


Upcoming dates:

Jan 28, 2012
8:00 PM The Middle East (Upstairs) Cambridge, MA