Big Med Playlist for the Big One | Brick Fields – Amazing Grace

We’ve received some incredible submissions to be considered for the Big Med Playlist for the Big One and this one belongs near the top of the stack. Wow. This is, without a doubt, the most extraordinarily cool version of ‘Amazing Grace’ I have ever had the privilege of laying my ears on. Brick Fields is the real blues-meets-gospel deal.  All of the music they produce is likely to cause a fair bit of involuntary grooving.

Every tune I’ve heard would make a worthy addition to the Playlist for the Big One however I am completely addicted to Brick Fields’ ‘Amazing Grace.’  It’s a seven-minute ethereal ride into a gospel-blues twilight zone. Close your eyes and listen to Rachel Brick channelling a smokin’ raw Adele inspired by Janis Joplin in a juke joint somewhere in time.

Rachel Brick traveled in the 90s singing improv jam at festivals and opening for some well known artists like Goverment Mule, and Merl Saunders. She toured with Melvin Seals, Jude Gold, Gloria Jones, Peter Harris, Elgin Seals, and Joel Smith as JGB (The Jerry Garcia Band). Larry Fields has worked with some of the top Christian artists in Nashville.

“We play blues with our band and have a popular gospel Sunday brunch as well as lead worship at a local church. So we play the smoky beer joints on Saturday night and play in the churches on Sunday. It’s a unique experience. On top of running our own music business, I also homeschool my three young girls. It is a full schedule,” Rachel writes in her note to Big Med.

Brick Fields released ‘Gospel Blue’ in 2011 and the roots, jazz, folk album ‘Shambhala’ in January 2012. They are currently working on a gospel album and a video.

You can find out more about Brick Fields at

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