Big Med Playlist for The Big One | Brocade – Riot Riot

We’re going to head into the weekend with a blast of original made-in-Canada hard-as-rock music by Calgary band Brocade. The tune is ‘Riot Riot’ and it smacks of a bluesy ballsy Northern version of AC/DC. Definitely suitable for transitioning from the day-to-day weekday crapola into the chaotic insanity that comes with life in an EMS rig once the sun sets on Friday night.

The backdrop for the video features more black velvet-styled paintings and posters than should be legally allowed to occupy the same visual space but hey – what the heck – it’s only rockin’ roll. This power trio performs this tune for all that they’re worth.

“Someone once told me that a true musician never quits… they die,” asserts Todd Stewart (vocals/guitar), one-third of Calgary, Alberta-based rock brigade Brocade. Together with mates Weeze Brown (bass) and Nate Giebelhaus (drums), Stewart says it’s all about maxxing the group’s energy in-studio and on-stage.

“The Gospel of this band is wanting this to be bigger than anything we could do on our own,” he continues excitedly. “Everything about us—even our name which refers to an intricately woven fabric—is based on our energy. You really feel that in our live show. We’re a power trio that sounds like five people onstage.”

Brocade recorded their 2011 album ‘Like You Were Here’ in their own home-built studio and were far into the process before they brought acclaimed producer Shawn Cole (Pride Tiger, You Say Party, Yukon Blonde, Bend Sinister) to add the finishing touches.

“We didn’t learn to play to impress. This is about how everyone has a journey in life and Like You Were Here is ours.”

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