Big Med Playlist for The Big One | Tony Mecca – Mercy Street/Morning Coffee

Another twofer here on the Big Med Playlist for The Big One as we add Tony Mecca’s ‘Mercy Street’ and ‘Morning Coffee’. Mercy Street has Philadelphia-based Mecca sounding a bit like Peter Gabriel and Tom Waits while Morning Coffee is a daytime version of George Thorogood. Such is the range and authenticity of Tony Mecca that each of his songs are an outstanding slice of life.

Mercy Street

Morning Coffee

“I started like most “60’s” kids that witnessed the Beatles phenomenon, the difference is that my father was a professional musician, a singer. So music was always around. My earlier bands in the 80’s were much heavier, and the lyrical content was much more political and global. After passing on a few minor recording deals that would not support my family, which eventually grew to 5 children, I took to a separate profession and I settled into producing younger bands to sublimate my musical urges. I was out of performing and writing for about 12 years.

“In 2002 one of the bands I was producing overheard a few songs i had been tinkering with in my spare time. So this young kid says, “hey, this is great and really different – you gotta get this stuff out there” – The songs had become much more personal and local. I was talking about people I knew and situations I either lived or watch folk experience – I independently released these 9 demos, and started working on another set of songs that were in the same vein, but added a bit more of a rock edge. By the end of 2005 I had signed a small deal with Outstanding Records (Huntington Beach, Ca), and had also signed several of the songs with several different publishers. I was back in the music business, and on my own terms.

“Upon release of my 3rd CD in 2007, I put a little trio together, which now can grow to a full 6 piece band, and started playing live again. 5 years later I’m working on my 5th CD and have played a little more regionally every year. There are some different folks interested in doing my songs and that is very exciting.”


Tony Mecca – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Stephanie Davis – Vocals, Clarinet
Joe Pettit – Guitar
Jim Drnec – Drums
Bill Saltzer – Bass
John Merlino – Multi-Keys


Fun (CD) 2011
Hello, Goodbye & Everything in Between (CD) 2007
Princes of the New Dark Age (CD) 2005
Purple Monkeys (CD) 2003

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Big Med Playlist for The Big One | Hana Kim – Almost Famous/ Make You Feel My Love

I love this add to the Big Med Playlist for The Big One. Hana Kim singing the soulful tunes ‘Almost Famous’ and ‘Make You Feel My Love’ smacks of Norah Jones, Diana Krall or maybe even Holly Cole.  Yowza. The woman has serious guts for taking such an adventurous route to follow her musical dreams. Both ‘Almost Famous’ and ‘Make You Feel My Love’ are great evening plays and each video is a well-produced bonus.

After graduating UC Irvine, Hana met producer Eric Corne and the two teamed up to create her debut EP, “Until You Believe”. In collaboration with musicians Blair Sinta (Alanis Morissette), Freddy Koella (Bob Dylan), Sasha Smith (Randy Newman), and Ian Walker (KD Lang), Hana created a record of honest emotion and expression. Just like her personality, Hana combines pop and jazz songwriting with the deep soul edge of her voice for a fresh new record people have been waiting for. This EP was released May 19, 2010 with a release show at Room 5 Lounge in Los Angeles, CA.

In June of 2010, Hana decided to do something out of the ordinary and she left everything she had to go to Paraguay to teach music to students in a small city, Ñemby, who did not have the opportunity to learn otherwise. During her free time, she would sing in the streets of local parks where a humble buzz began to form. Eventually, Hana received her first television opportunity, where she performed and was interviewed on the National Television Network Guarani on a early morning program, “El Gigante De La Mañana”.

In November of 2010, Hana returned to LA and has been performing at many prominent venues such as the Hard Rock Café, Saint Rocke, The Viper Room, and countless universities, performing alongside talent like Sam Bradley, Goh Nakamura, Paul Kim (American Idol) and Kaba Modern at shows or festivals such as the San Diego Asian Film Festival.

In 2011, she released her single “Almost Famous” in collaboration with Stereographic Entertainment and Good Kid Productions.

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Almost Famous

Make You Feel My Love