Big Med Playlist for The Big One | Lindsay May – Stick Around

In this add to the Big Med Playlist for The Big One, Vancouver BC native Lindsay May makes a very good case for spending more than just a long weekend visiting Nashville. Wow. This is a slow country-does-the-blues piece that feels a lot like Bonnie Raitt or Patti Griffin. It’s a beautifully crafted song with stand-out vocals and a great lyric sheet. And Lindsay May definitely has her groove on for this tune.

2012 finds Lindsay May living in scenic Vancouver, BC having just released the first of two albums in March 2012. A collection of soulful, uplifting and fun songs – a rebirth of her creative self. She recorded and co-produced both albums at Vancouver’s Nimbus School of Recording Arts with Mark Gordon and Cody Taylor engineering.

Mark phoned up Lindsay in early 2011 and said ‘I’d like to make an album with you, how many songs do you have?’. Lindsay called him back several days later and being the overachiever that she is, said ‘Fifteen’….

The first album ‘Shimmer’, released March 1, 2012, features new material including her song ‘Lie To You’, which caught the music industry’s attention and garnered her a Top 10 spot in Vancouver’s Shore 104.3fm’s Songsearch and a Regional Finalist Placement (Canada) in the New Mountain Stage Songwriting Contest.

Her stellar live performances at Shorefest, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Harmony Arts Festival and Motown Meltdown have entertained audiences and made sure she was asked back in subsequent years. (Three years in a row for Harmony Arts Festival and two years in a row for Motown Meltdown).

She was also the runner up in the Vancouver Folk Music Festival’s ‘Pickin’ a Folk Star’ Ukelele Songwriting Contest. She rented a ukelele for the weekend, wrote ‘Folk Fest Time’, et voila.

Born and raised in Kelowna BC, Lindsay May knew from a young age that she wanted to make music with her life, and found a that she had a knack for turning heartache into therapeutic verse and melodies that hang on long after the fire dies down.

After an encouraging opening set for international folk singer James Keelaghan and a spot in Kelowna’s Woodstock Festival, she made the move out to Vancouver in 2004 to go head to head with some of the province’s best singer/songwriters. With a seemingly endless supply of energy and passion she performs regularly at festivals , house concerts and various venues around British Columbia as well as showcasing at the city’s best nightclubs.

Her debut full length album Bronze & Blue (2008) with its retro sounds showcased her ability to marry blues and rock while keeping you swaying on the dance floor until dawn. Recorded in Kelowna with sound engineer Steve Todd (Sue Medley) and produced by Mike Ohman (Peter Mann and the Lonely) this cd features a stellar cast of players including Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp, Rod Stewart, John Fogerty) and Pat Steward (Bryan Adams, the Odds) on drums. Bronze and Blue was nominated for 3 BC Interior Music Awards. Available on iTunes. Her most recent recordings were done with talented Vancouver-based producer and songwriter Babe Gurr featuring some of Vancouver’s hottest session players. Stay tuned for her upcoming 2010 album.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and shelves overflowing with books from songwriting to the music industry, to self help in all its forms, Lindsay May is easily one of the artists most committed to self improvement in the music business today. Her mantra: “If you want to get better at something, you have to do it everyday,” – and she does. A testament to all her hard work Lindsay has been selected to be a participant Songwriter’s Association of Canada‘s Red Cedar Songwriting Camp for five straight years straight, working with Bill Henderson and Roy Forbes to improve her craft while sharing hers with peers and new recruits at this popular workshop series.

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West Midlands | Subaru donates a Legacy to Community First Responders

Black Country | 20120410

A team of Black Country lifesavers, the territorials of the ambulance service, have a legacy that locals remember thanks to the support of Subaru.

The 36 strong Community First Responder (CFR) group recently took delivery of a brand new response car, a Subaru Legacy, which was kindly donated by the I M Group (Subaru UK) main head office at Coleshill Manor.

CFRs are everyday members of the public who have been trained by West Midlands Ambulance Service in lifesaving techniques including the use of a defibrillator (a device which may restart the heart of someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest). They are sent by the ambulance service’s control room to medical emergencies while an ambulance resource is en-route. But, rather than travelling in their own cars, the volunteers who provide 24/7 cover, now attend in the liveried car.

Ian Waite has been a CFR for a year and works at Subaru as a Maintenance Engineer. He said: “Being a charity, we need the support of the local community to help us buy everything we need to respond to 999 calls on behalf of the ambulance service; this car is the cherry on the cake! My colleagues at Subaru have been fantastic and fully support the CFR group.”

Dave Smith, a fireman, is a CFR in his spare time and said: “The car is great as it makes us look the part and more professional when we’re responding to 999 calls. We used to use our own cars which had its disadvantages but now, when we pull up on scene in our liveried response vehicle, people instantly know who we are and know we’re there to help. Locals are getting to know the car when we’re out and about which is fantastic!

“We’re extremely thankful to Ian for his hard work and Subaru for their great support. It really is a huge benefit for the group as we’re able to focus more on what we’re here to do, which is to save lives in our community.”

Maryland | Off-duty police officer commits suicide during traffic stop/pursuit in Talbot County

Easton MD | 20120409

State Police are investigating the death of a man employed as a police officer in Maryland who shot himself early this morning after being stopped by a trooper in Talbot County for speeding and suspicion of driving under the influence.  

The man is identified as Jed R. Bylsma, 30, of Gettysburg, PA.  Bylsma was pronounced dead at the scene.  His body was transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore for an autopsy.

Shortly before 1:30 a.m. today, a Maryland state trooper from the Easton Barrack was patrolling on westbound Rt. 50 near Rt. 404 when an eastbound vehicle registered in his radar unit at a high speed.  The trooper turned on the vehicle and stopped it near Skipton Creek.  The driver, who was the only occupant of the Nissan, was identified as Bylsma through his Pennsylvania driver’s license.  Bylsma told the trooper he was an officer with the Montgomery County Police Department.  During the initial contact, the trooper observed signs indicating the driver was operating under the influence.

The trooper returned to his patrol car and called for a backup to respond.  During this time, Bylsma drove off from the stop and continued eastbound on Rt. 50 at a high rate of speed with the trooper in pursuit.  The responding trooper deployed stop sticks on Rt. 50 at Airport Rd.  Bylsma’s vehicle struck the stop sticks and several tires were deflated.  The vehicle rolled to a stop on the eastbound shoulder of Rt. 50.

The two troopers on the scene behind the vehicle gave repeated orders for the driver to exit his vehicle.  When he did not, the troopers approached the car.  They found Bylsma unresponsive and saw what appeared to be a gunshot wound to his head.  Troopers saw a handgun near Bylsma’s hand in the center console of the car.  EMS personnel were summoned to the scene and emergency care was provided, but Bylsma was deceased.

Maryland State Police contacted Montgomery County Police officials and notified them of what had occurred.  The investigation is continuing.

Texas | Houston Fire Dept, State Farm Insurance launch new safety campaign

Houston TX | 20120410

In an effort to encourage citizens to stay focused on the road, the Houston Fire Department, State Farm Insurance, Clear Channel Outdoor, the Houston Police Department and Council Member Ed Gonzalez, joined forces during a press conference on April 10, 2012 at Fire Station 8, 1919 Louisiana at 10 a.m. to kick-off a new joint safety campaign with HFD and State Farm “Texting Distracts – Watch the Road!”.

In 2011, the Houston Fire Department responded to more than 30 thousand vehicle related accidents, transporting more than 8 thousand individuals to the hospital and reporting more than 30 individuals dead on arrival. Statistics indicate that distracted driving contributes to as much as 20 percent of all fatal crashes and that cell phone use is the main culprit.

“Just like most fires, the majority of motor vehicle accidents are preventable,” said Fire Chief Terry Garrison. “We want to encourage citizens to be safe on the road and remember that distraction can lead to disaster.”

According to a recent study by the Texas Transportation Institute – Center for Transportation Safety, texting doubles a driver’s reaction time and reports that these drivers were more than 11 times likely to miss a flashing light while texting.

HPD Assistant Chief Brian Lumpkin reminded citizens that the results of an accident from a distracted driver can have a lifetime of consequences.

“HPD is in the business of enforcing safe driving habits and we’re always encouraging citizens to put on their seat belts and control their speed,” said Chief Lumpkin. “But it’s just as important to remember to remain alert and not become distracted by a cell phone or texting while driving.”

This safety campaign is part of an on-going effort with HFD, State Farm and Clear Channel Outdoor. Citizens may recall the smoke detector safety message posted around the city last year and earlier this year. Additional safety campaigns will roll-out throughout the year.

State Farm Insurance statistics also indicate that drivers who text have a greater chance of getting into an accident.

“In Houston and cities everywhere in the U.S., efforts to curtail distracted driving are taking root and gaining momentum,” said State Farm agent Theo Franklin. “This is critically important because drivers who text and drive are six times more likely to get into an accident than drivers who refrain from texting while driving. State Farm is pleased to partner with the Houston Fire Department to bring awareness to this issue.”

These have all been funded by a “2012 State Farm Insurance Good Neighbor Citizenship Grant,” that was awarded in December of 2011.

Clear Channel Outdoor offered the ad-space for 20 eco-posters throughout the city at a greatly reduced price to help promote the safety message “Texting Distracts – Watch the Road!” in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

“We are happy to donate public service advertising to many area organizations. Clear Channel Outdoor is proud to be a part of this important campaign to warn motorists of the dangers of texting while driving and that is a message that will save lives,” Lee Vela, Clear Channel vice president for public affairs, said.

The billboards will start going up this week and will run through May at the following locations:

In English (download billboard image): Aldine Mail at Airline; Antoine at Tidwell; Broadway at Galveston; Hardy at Quitman; Little York at Nordling; Main at Fariss; Main at Post Oak; Bellfort at Westover and Brittmore at Holly Hill.

In Spanish (download billboard image): Irvington at Weiss; Jensen at Hage; Lawndale at Kellogg ; Navigation at Sidney and Airline at Fulton.

In Vietnamese (download billboard image) : Gessner at Porto Rico ; Longpoint at Lynnview; Pinemont at Bingle; Post Oak at Willow; Hwy 3 at El Dorado and Gessner at Genard.

Oregon | Pet oxygen masks donated to the Jefferson Fire District

Chief Zeilman, Louis Gisler and Assistant Chief Shepherd with Maciee

Jefferson Fire District | 20120402

On April 2, 2012 Ronnie Connell with Invisible Fence Line (located in Pleasant Hill) and her golden retriever Maicee came to the Jefferson Fire District to donate 3 complete pet mask kits valued at approximately $95. Each kit includes a small, medium, and large mask.

Pet Masks are designed to provide supplemental oxygen to animals suffering from respiratory distress, smoke inhalation, or for general recovery from anesthesia. The masks are used on animals by general and specialty veterinary facilities, emergency referral clinics, and fire and rescue departments.

There is an estimated 40,000 to 150,000 pets that die each year in fires; most succumbing to smoke inhalation. In most states, emergency responders are not equipped to deal with the crisis because they lack specially designed pet oxygen masks.

There will be one kit located on each engine at the Millersburg station, Talbot Station and one at the main station.

Oregon | No injuries in Easter morning house fire in Oak Grove

14240 SE Upper Aldercrest | 20120408

Three residents of a single family home, located at 14240 SE Upper Aldercrest in Oak Grove, were alerted by a barking dog at 1:25 in the morning. What the adult occupants discovered was a well involved fire consuming their newly remodeled house.

Fire Crews were able to extinguish the hungry blaze in 30 minutes without any extension to nearby homes. However, early estimates of $200,000 damage included a camper located in the driveway.

Firefighters were careful to not disturb the bio-diesel storage and operation located in the attached garage, and requested the assistance of a duty investigator to help sort out the cause of this neighborhood loss.

The Red Cross is supplying immediate housing and food needs to the family, and investigators will begin the task of finding the inception to this blaze in the morning.

Oregon | No injuries reported as Portland firefighters battle terminal fire at Columbia Grain

Portland OR | 20120410

At 11:15 am, Portland Fire & Rescue responded to reports of a smoldering fire in a grain silo at Columbia Grain located at 15660 North Lombard. All employees of Columbia Grain were safely evacuated at the time of the fire; an employee reported smelling smoke in one of the 30 silos located at the site. Each grain silo stands approximately 125 feet high.

Upon arrival, Portland Fire crews determined that the silo was only one-quarter full at the time of the fire. Eight firefighters brought hose lines up to the top of the silo and sprayed water into the silo to put out the fire in the smoldering grain.

“Firefighters are always concerned about grain elevator fires because grain dust can be explosive in the right conditions,” said Portland Fire Battalion Chief Tom Williams. “We shut down all power to the facility and then checked each silo for hot spots.”

Columbia Grain exports soft and hard wheat to many ports around the world; trains full of grain come into the facility frequently from as far away as North Dakota. At the time of the fire, the Nord Ocean cargo ship out of Panama was docked at the grain facility awaiting a load of grain. The ship was not impacted by the fire other than the shut down of the facility. Portland Fire crews will remain on scene for the next couple of hours to monitor for any signs of smoke.

Portland Fire & Rescue investigators have not released the cause of the fire and damage estimates are not available at this time. This the second grain terminal fire in four days. Another grain terminal fire was reported at the Port of Longview on April 7th. A total of 34 Firefighters responded to the scene.

California | CDPH releases its annual County Health Status Profiles Report

Sacramento CA | 20120410

California continues to meet or exceed key health objectives, including reducing the teen birth rate, decreasing infant mortality rate for all ethnic groups and lowering the death rate from all causes, including lung cancer, announced Dr. Ron Chapman, director of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) and state public health officer.

“The health of Californians continues to improve as more families choose healthier lifestyles and make good nutritional changes, including physical activity, which reduces cancer and heart disease,” Chapman said. “Yet the report also shows that work remains to improve public health for all Californians.”

The 19th edition of the report, County Health Status Profiles 2012, is based on data collected from 2008 through 2010. The report contains selected health status indicators recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. These indicators help monitor state and local progress toward achieving goals in the national Healthy People 2010 Initiative (HP 2010), which challenges public health professionals to increase the span of healthy life, reduce health disparities and ensure access to preventive services for all Americans.

CDPH in conjunction with the California Conference of Local Health Officers produced the 2012 Report. Highlights include:

• California met the Healthy People 2010 National Objectives for death rates for the following categories: all cancers, lung cancer, female breast cancer, prostate cancer, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and motor vehicle traffic crashes, and continued a downward movement from the 2005-2007 averages.

• Adolescent mother birthrates declined by slightly over 14 percent (between the 2008-2010 and 2005-2007 averages).

• Motor vehicle traffic crash death rates declined from 11.1 to 7.9 per 100,000 and reflect the highest area of positive improvement at 29.4% reduction.

• Gonorrhea incidences declined by 25.6 percent (88.4 to 65.8 per 100,000).

• AIDS incidences declined by 24.4 percent (12.4 to 9.4 per 100,000).

• Diabetes death rates declined by 11.1 percent (21.9 to 19.5 per 100,000).

• However, deaths as a result of Alzheimer’s disease and suicides increased.

For more information on 2012 County Health Status Profiles, please visit:

Utah | Data breach expands to include more victims

Salt Lake City UT | 20120409

The Utah Department of Technology Services (DTS), along with the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) today announced up to 255,000 additional people had their Social Security numbers listed in data stolen by thieves from a computer server last week. These latest victims are people whose information was sent to the state by their health care provider in a transaction called a Medicaid Eligibility Inquiry to determine their status as possible Medicaid recipients.

The victims are likely to be people who have visited a health care provider in the past four months. Some may be Medicaid or CHIP recipients; others are individuals whose health care providers were unsure as to their status as Medicaid recipients.
DTS has started the process of identifying these additional victims, and the state will be sending letters directly to them as they are identified. Some of the 255,000 Social Security numbers were not accompanied by any other indentifying information (such as names and addresses), so DTS will likely need to coordinate with other agencies to identify and notify these individuals.
Victims who had their SSNs stolen will receive one year of free credit monitoring services. There are additional steps anybody can take to help protect their identity and their financial information. This includes placing either a freeze or a fraud alert on their personal credit file with the nation’s three credit bureaus. For information on how to do this, visit
As many as 350,000 additional people may have had other, less-sensitive information, such as their names, birth dates, and addresses accessed through eligibility inquiries. These people will also receive a letter alerting them to the situation. However, priority will be placed on alerting those who had their Social Security numbers stolen first.
It is now believed that a total of approximately 280,000 victims had their Social Security numbers stolen and approximately 500,000 other victims had less-sensitive personal information stolen.
Possible victims should be aware that nobody from DTS or UDOH will be contacting them and asking for personal information over the phone or via e-email regarding this incident. Scammers may attempt to reach victims in this manner. We strongly recommend that people do not provide private information in response to telephone or e-mail contacts they have not initiated.
The data breach initially occurred on Friday, March 30. A configuration error occurred at the password authentication level, allowing the hacker to circumvent DTS’s security system. DTS has processes in place to ensure the state’s data is secure, but this particular server was not configured according to normal procedure. DTS has identified where the breakdown occurred and has implemented new processes to ensure this type of breach will not happen again.
DTS is cooperating with local law enforcement, as well as the FBI, on a criminal investigation.
Medicaid clients can call 1-800-662-9651 to find out if their information was compromised during the attack. Additional information can also be found online at

Utah | UDOH releases influenza vaccinations rates of hospital healthcare workers

Salt Lake City UT | 20120410

A new online report will make it easier for Utahns to find vaccination information about healthcare workers employed in licensed* Utah hospitals. The report was developed by the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) in collaboration with members of the Utah Healthcare Infection Prevention (UHIP) Governance Committee.** This tool will allow Utahns to compare influenza vaccination rates for healthcare workers among licensed hospitals in Utah.

The initial report will list all licensed Utah hospitals, along with their influenza vaccination rates for hospital healthcare workers, for the 2011-2012 influenza season on the UDOH Healthcare Associated Infections website at Thereafter, the influenza vaccination reports will be published annually.
“Increasing influenza vaccination among healthcare workers is an essential part of a comprehensive patient safety program,” said Robert Rolfs, M.D., Deputy Director, UDOH. Unvaccinated healthcare workers are at risk for infection when working with patients who may carry influenza. Most important, if they become sick with influenza acquired at work or elsewhere, they can spread that infection to their patients who are often the most vulnerable to serious complications of influenza.
Publicly releasing hospital influenza vaccination rates is an important step in creating transparency for healthcare safety and quality in Utah. Influenza vaccination of healthcare personnel is a critical patient safety practice that should be required in all healthcare facilities, unless an organization has achieved a vaccination rate greater than 95 percent by other means. Patients should reasonably expect that they will not contract potentially life-threatening illnesses such as influenza from their healthcare providers while being treated for other conditions.
In November 2007, the UDOH adopted a Healthcare Associated Infections reporting rule (Rule‐386‐705, Epidemiology, Healthcare Associated Infection). This rule requires that hospitals report healthcare worker influenza vaccination rates. Results have shown that healthcare worker influenza vaccination rates in Utah hospitals have consistently increased from 71.7 percent in 2008 to 93.8 percent in 2011.
In April 2011, the UHIP Governance Committee recommended that all healthcare delivery facilities in Utah implement a policy of mandatory annual influenza vaccination for all healthcare personnel. While the Utah hospitals are not required to have mandatory influenza vaccination programs for healthcare workers, some Utah healthcare facilities have such programs in place. Healthcare organizations that do not have an effective healthcare worker influenza vaccination policy in place are strongly encouraged to begin preparations now for the 2012-2013 influenza season.
*Licensed hospitals include: acute care, long-term acute care, critical access, rehabilitation, psychiatric, government and children’s hospitals.
**The Utah Healthcare Infection Prevention Governance Committee is a multi-disciplinary panel of state leaders in patient safety, infectious diseases, and infection control. Membership is comprised from a broad base of care delivery groups across the State and organized under and staffed by the Utah Department of Health.
Visit for more information about UHIP Governance Committee members.