Big Med Playlist for The Big One | Camryn Wessner – Polaroid

Another country/folk gem to add to the Big Med Playlist for The Big One from Camryn Wessner with her song ‘Polaroid.’ Drawing deep on musical inspirations, Wessner sounds like the kid sister of Jewel and Sheryl Crow on this track and others on her recently released EP ‘Temporary.’

From Dothan AL, 20-year-old Camryn Wessner said she draws influences from the music of her childhood, naming performers like John Cougar Mellencamp and Alison Krauss as some of her guides. She is being compared to Christina Perry & Stevie Nicks. As far as her own music is concerned, Wessner said she hopes she uplifts and inspires listeners of all types.

“When you have something that you’re so passionate about that you can live for every day, it makes life a lot more purposeful and meaningful to you and the way you live it,” she said. “I would hope that I wouldn’t just inspire musicians or artists, but that my music can help people be inspired to do what they really wanna do with their lives.”

Solo vocalist for the band Victory Blvd while in high school, Wessner said her time in the group helped her “learn to perform.” “I think I just decided that it was nice to be responsible for myself as a musician. It helps me kinda grow when I can think and write on my own kind of terms,” Wessner said. “But being in a band was definitely a really good experience. It helped me have a growing stage performance so I’m not just sitting up there singing.”

Wessner has had help from some notable musical forces, from respected producers Stan Lynch, a founding member of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and Billy Chapin, who has worked with the Backstreet Boys and O-Town, to Gainesville’s own Sister Hazel. Wessner even opened for Ken Block and Drew Copeland of Sister Hazel.

At the concert, she received some advice from one of her many musical inspirations. “Ken, before he left, he pulled me aside and he was like, ‘Writers don’t talk about writing, they write. Singers don’t talk about singing, they practice what they do. Keep doing what you’re doing. Just don’t forget to not stop,'” Wessner said.

She also said Lynch and Chapin were the reason for the comfortable recording environment that captured what Wessner calls her easy-listening style of music. Lynch even co-wrote the title track, complementing Wessner’s words and melody with music.

“Since they’ve been in the industry and have been experienced for so long, I think it’s just easy for them to make people feel comfortable so that they can perform the best,” she said. “I think that’s why they’re so good at it. They bring out the best in me. They make me feel really comfortable with my abilities and collaborating.”

The “Temporary” EP features six tracks, the title track, debut single “Polaroid” and a bonus track. As for her favorite track, Wessner said the EP’s namesake is the one that brought to surface a particular message not only for listeners but for the singer-songwriter herself.

“If you can’t accept that most everything you come across is temporary, then you’re gonna have a hard time dealing with things,” she said. “That’s what this album really brought to surface for me. A lot of my life I didn’t want to change and let go, but it’s good to be able to adapt to your surroundings because everything’s pretty temporary.”

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Big Med Playlist for The Big One | Danika Holmes – Lock Me In Tonight

Another great country music add to the Big Med Playlist for The Big One from Danika Holmes with ‘Lock Me In Tonight.’ The lyrics are fun, the hooks are plentiful, and the vocals are crystal clear and powerful. You gotta love this woman’s sense of style – the video is excellent, too. Nice song. Looking forward to hearing more from Danika Holmes.

“Danika Holmes is a rising star in the heartland!” says Bill Sullivan of The Rock and Roll Report. American Picker Mike Wolfe of The History Channel says, “She’s a true American talent… I couldn’t stop listening!” Music critics agree that Danika is charming and energetic with a welcoming tone in her voice which is as gentle as a breeze.

Holmes played over 120 shows around the US and UK in 2011 and will take the stage for another 160 shows in 2012. At shows fans tell her how they can relate to her lyrics, which is exactly what she is hoping for. “At first that was really scary for me. I felt like I was standing on stage and unzipping my soul!”

“Second Chances,” Danika’s debut album, was released in March of 2010. The title track is a reflection of Danika’s dogmatic belief that everyone benefits from a second chance, or even a third, along life’s way. Starting over with a music career was her second chance in life. A fan favorite “Lock Me In Tonight” was made into Danika’s first music video and was released in June 2010.

Danika’s follow up album “Living Your Dream” was recorded in Nashville, TN, and drops in early 2012. This collection of songs offers an optimistic take on life. While Danika’s debut album leaned more towards the folk scene, she takes it to the next level by adding in an edgy rock vibe complete with horns; a bold move for this singer/songwriter from Iowa. Holmes will be promoting her album via a national tour in March of 2012 and a European tour in June 2012.

Uniquely, “Living Your Dream” was fan-funded in its entirety. When Danika’s fans began asking to hear her new music, she accepted the challenge by launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the recording of the album. A rave response came in from over 150 backers around the world! Danika tweeted, “I’m grateful to everyone who took a few minutes out of their busy lives to pledge to our album project. Hugs to you all!” Fans who contributed to Danika’s 2nd album were given pre-release copies and are already declaring it a new favorite.

While music has always been an important part of Danika’s life, it wasn’t always the main focus. By the time she was 26 Danika was only a dissertation away from completing her PhD. “In 2009 I ended up writing an album instead of a dissertation. Now, I use everything I learned in my graduate studies to run my own business as an independent artist and entertainer, so it was time well spent!” Once she made the decision to pursue music full time, she realized that as a songwriter, she was the one who could most passionately perform the message of her own songs.

Danika grew up in a family of five kids. She says, “I was a little rag-a-muffin who tromped around in hand me down clothes and spent every free minute building projects with my dad or creating something, anything, from fashions to songs and dances.” Now more than ever, Danika is happy to be creating. Her passion for music and her life experiences lend the inspiration for her songs that reverberate with hope.

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Big Med Playlist for The Big One | Brother Magnum and the Razor Bumps – All The Time

This is Brother Magnum and the Razor Bumps with ‘All The Time’ on the Big Med Playlist for The Big One. This is sweet and genuine soul music coming to you from Austin TX. Brother Magnum’s smooth and silky vocals are front-and-center on this piece which is kinda unusual for a man better known for his killer guitar licks. Love the horns on ‘All The Time’…  

As the youngest of eight kids, Magnum grew up hearing a spectrum of great musical artists and styles. “My dad was into James Brown and Ike & Tina Turner. My Mom loved everything from Al Green to Neil Diamond to The Doors, and they were both heavily into Sly & The Family Stone,” he recalls. “One of my sisters was into Kiss, one of my brothers was a big Parliament-Funkadelic fan, and another brother was into The Cars, Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson. I was just saturated with all this music as a kid. You go to my hi-fi to this day, and I’ll be listening Metallica one minute and the next minute I’ll be digging on Buddy Guy. I can truly say that I don’t have a favorite

He first started making music at age 11 when he snuck onto his oldest brother’s drum kit, surprising his sibling when he walked in and heard how Magnum had a natural knack for the backbeat. The guitar and keyboards soon followed, and at 13 he played his first show. “All the girls that were there saw me and started screaming my name as the lights were flashing. Needless to say, I haven’t been right ever since.” No wonder Elmore magazine observes how he “has something to offer fans of any of these genres [he plays]. That should cover just about everyone, right?”

His debut album, Meet Me In My Daydream, was a first Brother Magnum shot that “erupt[s] from your speakers like a hurtling fireball,” says “Fans of Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz, and Robert Cray will find delight in this effort… a great mix of up-tempo funkified numbers, retro soul blues, roots rock, traditional blues and even a shuffle or two. You can’t reinvent the wheel but you can still make top of the line tires. Brother Magnum has not invented a new genre of music but he’s doing it as good as anyone ever has.” Or as he puts it, “It’s kind of like Mom’s home cooking with some hot sauce on it.”

Feel Like A King earned Magnum even more kudos. “It goes without saying that when a blues musician puts the word ‘king’ in either his records or stage name, it is a bold step,” notes Target Audience magazine. “If one claims to be a ‘king’ in the context of the blues they had better know how to play some blues, and that means play some blues. Fortunately for Brother Magnum and blues aficionados, Brother Magnum can play some blues and can make his guitar talk for him. Feel Like A King is blues done right and blues done well.”

The album landed Brother Magnum & The Razor Bumps on the famed “Austin City Limits” stage for a that made then one of the last acts to play the famed locale. They were also invited to perform at The House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay resort in Las Vegas, opening the show for comedian Joel McHale (star of the NBC TV series “Community”) and then serving as the house band playing their tunes for McHale’s talk show style appearance. Magnum is also earning his stripes as a modern Texas master of the blues by being invited to play the Grey Ghost Music Series at Kerr Community College, named for legendary Texas blues piano man Roosevelt “Grey Ghost” Sykes.

Brother Magnum – Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar
Mike Barnes – Lead Guitar
Selton Cole – Bass Guitar
Will Chomycia – Drums
Roland Perez – Tenor Saxophone
Marty Van Blair – Trumpet
Len Sweatman – Piano and Organ

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Big Med Playlist for The Big One | Blended328 – Get UR Flirt On/ Good Ol’ Country People

These adds to the Big Med Playlist for The Big One are country-pop tracks with lots of dance-a-hill-bill-ity built into the mix. Blended328’s ‘Get UR Flirt On’ & ‘Good Ol’ Country People’ sound like they were designed to reach across a demographic that includes pickup truck tailgate parties and college parties to backyard BBQs. In the tradition of Gretchen Wilson’s ‘Redneck Woman’ these tunes pump it up. Can I get a “Hell yeah!” Hell yeah!

With 3 girls and 3 guys of different ethnicities and musical influences, Blended 328 has created a hybrid form of country music that is truly unique and enticing. Crashing on the Nashville music scene in May of 2011 Blended 328 have quickly become a local favorite, performing sold out shows at venues like The Hard Rock, MTSU, The Bluebird Cafe and 12th and Porter.

The band was recently chosen for “What’s Hot for 2012″ by Campus Activities Magazine, the nation’s premier resource for college talent buyers. The Nashville Scene in their 2011 Best of Nashville Issue recently described Blended 328’s sound as “Country music for the World”.

“Go People” their critically acclaimed newly released album is a true testimony to their musical diversity and originality. Although the record has all the country music staples of fiddle, banjo and steel guitar, “Go People” has a serious 1970’s rock feel. “Go People” is available on ITunes and other online retailers.

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Get UR Flirt On

Good Ol’ Country People

Big Med Playlist for The Big One | Orange Grove – White Daisy

A great reggae groove in this add to the Big Med Playlist for The Big One. Orange Grove call The Netherlands home but these guys clearly have Jamaican blood flowing through their veins. This is a sweet song that’s got a beat guaranteed to bring even the non-dancers in the crowd to their feet. From Orange Grove this is ‘White Daisy’…

Singer Michael Maidwell and close friend Jacob Streefkerk formed the group about ten years ago. They had both come to the Netherlands to study after graduating from high school, leaving their Caribbean homes on St Maarten behind. They applied for a marketing management study but soon found out they really didn’t enjoy thinking about the economy and what firm they might end up working for when they graduated. Actually, one of the few things they did feel sure of was that they wanted to make music. A few years of studying business helped to reinforce those thoughts even more, and before you know it Orange Grove was born.

Jacob had been playing guitar for a couple years and was getting quite good at it, and Michael had just discovered he could sing while one day trying to sing a Bob Marley song in the it made perfect sense: they’d put their talents and brains together and before you know it they’d be playing in front of thousands of people.

OG has indeed been around a little while now, somewhere between the underground and the mainstream you can find them, maybe in a studio in Amsterdam or on a stage in the Caribbean…or maybe you’ll come across them on a beach somewhere jamming acoustically with a gathering of close friends sharing drinks and good times.