Playlist for The Big One | Trouble in the Wind – Rising

There’s something rambling, shabby and just a little bit dangerous in the musings of Carlsbad, California-based alt folkies Trouble in the Wind.

Robby Gira plays acoustic guitar and provides the vocals.. although merely writing the word ‘vocals’ does nothing to describe the other-worldly hillbilly-esque sounds this man lays down with every track.

The whole band is strong yet not in an overpowering way – Larry Doran (drums), Kyle Merritt (banjo, accordion, piano), Trevor Mulvey (bass) all contribute in part and collectively to the unique sound of Trouble in the Wind.

The song ‘Rising’ is an amazing piece and it’s this evening’s add to the Big Med Playlist for The Big One. Find comfortable chair, ease down into it, put feet up, open cold beer and enjoy.

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