Oregon | No injuries in Easter morning house fire in Oak Grove

14240 SE Upper Aldercrest | 20120408

Three residents of a single family home, located at 14240 SE Upper Aldercrest in Oak Grove, were alerted by a barking dog at 1:25 in the morning. What the adult occupants discovered was a well involved fire consuming their newly remodeled house.

Fire Crews were able to extinguish the hungry blaze in 30 minutes without any extension to nearby homes. However, early estimates of $200,000 damage included a camper located in the driveway.

Firefighters were careful to not disturb the bio-diesel storage and operation located in the attached garage, and requested the assistance of a duty investigator to help sort out the cause of this neighborhood loss.

The Red Cross is supplying immediate housing and food needs to the family, and investigators will begin the task of finding the inception to this blaze in the morning.

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