Victoria | Man speared by skewer in Yea

Yea | 25 April 2012

Paramedics treated a man at Yea after an unusual incident involving a wooden meat skewer in the early hours of Sunday 22 April.

An Advanced life support paramedic and an ambulance community officer from Yea were called to the scene just before 3am. Paramedic Gary Charles said that when they arrived they found the man aged in his 20s with the skewer through upper lip.

‘We were told that he was at a party when someone threw something at him and he felt a sharp pain to his lip. He told us that he felt what was there and was shocked to find that it was a wooden skewer. He had been trying to remove it from his lip, but it wouldn’t budge.

‘In instances like this, when a foreign body becomes lodged under the skin, it’s best to leave it where it is. Pulling it out can actually cause more damage or lead to serious bleeding depending on the location of the object and nature of the injury.

‘It’s best to get the patient to hospital where the object can be carefully removed in surgery. What he was able to do was cut the longer end of the skewer off so that it didn’t get knocked.

‘The wound was dressed and we gave him pain relief before taking him to Maroondah Hospital in a stable condition,’ Mr Charles said.

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