Wyoming | Healthcare professionals asked to help state be prepared

Cheyenne | 16 April 2012

The Wyoming Health Department is encouraging doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians and other healthcare providers to register now with the Wyoming Volunteer Registry known as “WYeROLL – Wyoming Enrollment, Response, Operations, Logistics, Let’s Enroll.”

WYeROLL serves as a local, state and national web-based registry system for both medical and non-medical volunteers.

“Disasters from Hurricane Katrina to the Joplin tornado have demonstrated that our nation’s health and medical professionals are willing to volunteer and provide vital services to stricken communities,” said Andy Gienapp, Emergency Medical Services program manager with the Wyoming Department of Health.

“WYeROLL lets us identify those professionals in advance, verify their credentials, and provide them with training so they’re ready to go in the event of a public health emergency,” Gienapp continued.

“Registering with WYeROLL means you are willing to volunteer, but it does not commit you,” he said. “Should an event occur, it will be up to you whether you are able to respond at that time.”

Gienapp noted the system is secure, and personal information is only be used to contact volunteers if the need arises.

WYeROLL is also being used by other organizations such as the American Red Cross, Medical Reserve Corps, Community Emergency Response Teams, public health, hospitals, and Wyoming Veterinary Reserve Corps to manage membership and volunteer activation.

Learn more about WYeROLL and register at http://www.wyeroll.org. Funding support for WYeROLL comes from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which requires states to create local systems for the advanced registration of medical and healthcare volunteers.

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