Ontario | City of Thunder Bay declares State of Emergency due to flash flooding

Thunder Bay | 28 May 2012

A state of emergency has been declared in the Thunder Bay area after severe flooding.

Major flooding city-wide has caused pump failures and flooding at the Atlantic Avenue Secondary Sewage Treatment Plant. Homeowners are asked not to flush any non-essential water until the situation is addressed.

The portion of the plant that pumps sewage into the facility is under water. Pumps are being used to draw water from the area of the main pumps to allow an assessment of the damage.

Crews are responding to the emergency. Fire crews are shutting off electricity and gas to many flooded homes and businesses. Multiple road closures are reported.

Due to weather conditions, all rural school transportation has been cancelled and rural schools are closed. The following schools are closed: Crestview, Five Mile, Gorham & Warem Kakabeka, McKenizie, Whitefish, Valley Central, Lakeshore Area of Claude Garton, Rosslyn area of Westmount.

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