Ontario | Evacuation of cottage areas near Timmins 9 wildfire continues

Timmins | 27 May 2012

The South Porcupine OPP is continuing to maintain its original evacuation of cottage areas in the Star Lake, Little Star Lake, Old Mill Campground, Keefer Lake, Boom Lake, Opishing Lake, Lucquer Lake, Dana-Jowsey Road, Aquesquaw Lake (Squaw Lake), Sewell Lake and Kenogamissis Lake (Bristol, McKeown, and Doyle Twps inclusive).

This evacuation is in place for public safety reasons stemming from an active forest fire which originated in an area north of Gogama on May 20th.

Additionally, Hwy 144 remains closed to all traffic, from the junction of Hwy 101 at 144 to the town of Gogama at Hwy 661.

Hwy 101 west of Timmins remains closed between the Malette Lumber Road and the Horwood Lake Road.

Persons vacating the Horwood Lake and surrounding area will be allowed to use Hwy 101 but only under the strict scrutiny of the OPP.

Once these persons have travelled east beyond the Malette Lumber Road, they cannot return until Hwy 101 is completely reopened when it is deemed safe to do so.

With public safety in mind, the progress of the forest fire is being closely monitored by the OPP in conjunction with the MNR.

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