Playlist for The Big One | Brian James & Kaci Bolls – Angel At The Crossroads

This week, Big Med has been featuring a lot of discussion and reflection on the theme of EMS ghosts – the patients we encounter who stay with us forever and for better or worse. This track ‘Angel At The Crossroads’ written and performed by Brian James & Kaci Bolls (with help from their friends) is the latest add to the Big Med Playlist for The Big One and meshes well with the ‘theme of the week.’

Every so often, not so frequently that it ever becomes blas̩, I hear a song that captures my ears, heart & soul in one fell swoop Рand Angel At The Crossroads is definitely in that category. The composition is beautiful, the vocals darned near perfect, and the combo of guitars and violin provide a solid backbone for a song about making the hard right choice.

Brian James has had his songs recorded by Taylor Hicks and wrote the theme song for the Discovery Channel’s show ‘American Farmer.’ From a small town in the Pacific Northwest, Brian’s larger-than-life personality comes out on stage with his guitar in hand.

James formed the country-rock band Brian James and The Hand Me Downs in the fall of 2011 with fellow passionate-about-their-craft musicians David Dorn (piano/keyboards), John Behrens (bass), Greg Seratto (drums), and Alex Navarro (guitar).

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Recorded at the First Note Music hall in Santa Rosa FL, by Lyndon Jackson. Preformed with Kaci Bolls,Geoff Mcbryde, Matt Miller, Jessica Rae and Sharif Iman. Written by Brian James, Kaci Bolls.

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