Molison Street, Dundee | 6 May 2012

A woman escaped with minor injuries after being trapped in her upturned car after a spectacular crash in a quiet Dundee street on Friday night.

Nessie Williams (59), of Mains Gardens, was helped by firefighters to crawl out of the rear window of her wrecked Ssangyong Rexton after the collision in Molison Street, which caused severe damage to two other cars and minor damage to a third.

Ms Williams was assessed at the scene by paramedics. Although clearly shocked, she was able to walk the short distance to her home with her niece around 45 minutes after the incident at 7.15pm.

She said: ”I can’t remember what happened. I wasn’t driving fast — you can’t drive fast in that street with all the cars. ‘I remember a red car’s wheel was sticking out and I tried to avoid it and the next thing the car just flipped up. ‘I’ve been checked over, I’m not hurt and I didn’t hurt anyone else, but I just want to get home and get into my jammies and into bed.”

After striking the red vehicle, Ms Williams’ vehicle careered into a Y-reg Ford Focus, knocking the smaller car on to the pavement and flipping her car on to its side.

The car behind, a silver Vauxhall Astra, was also struck and damaged.

The Focus owner, Kirsty Heary (29), said she thought she heard a noise when they were watching TV in their nearby flat, but didn’t think much of it.

Her partner, Calum Davidson (32), said the first he became aware of the drama was when he came outside to put his bin out.

”I saw the fire engine then I saw the car on its side — it was pretty amazing — and then the next thing I thought about was to look for Kirsty’s car. That’s when I saw the car on the pavement.”

He added: ”That’s the second time the car has been damaged. A few weeks ago a stolen car came round the corner too fast — I think it was being chased by police — and it hit our car.”

Another resident, Martin Kelling (29), said he was watching TV and heard a loud bang outside his third-floor flat.

”I ran over to the window and saw the car on its side — it was still rolling about,” he said. ”I think the accelerator must have been stuck on because the wheels were still spinning. I came downstairs and the woman was still inside the car. The neighbours told her it was safer to stay there until the ambulance arrived. My car has also been damaged by it.”

Graeme Christie, green watch manager at Tayside Fire and Rescue, said: ”The woman was still in the vehicle when we arrived, but she indicated that she was able to crawl out the car via the boot, so we assisted her in doing that. We then manoeuvred the vehicle back into a clear space using a Tirfor winch before using airbags to help right the vehicle.”

One appliance from Blackness and another from Kingsway attended. Police cordoned off the street while the operation took place and diverted traffic away from the scene. The road was cleared around 9pm.

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