Western England | Brave Amy honoured by Ambulance Service for staying cool in a crisis

Salisbury | 8 May 2012

Quick-thinking Amy Barnett has been praised by the ambulance service for her bravery and calmness after her mum collapsed at the family home in Salisbury recently.

Seven-year-old Amy phoned 999, followed the instructions from the ambulance control room and made sure the crews were able to get into the house when they arrived.

She continued to help by gathering her mum’s medication and checking she had a bag to take with her to hospital.

Ambulance crews were so impressed by Amy that they nominated her for a trust bravery award – and wanted to present it to her in person on behalf of Great Western Ambulance Service (GWAS) Chief Executive Ken Wenman.

Amy was presented with the bravery certificate by the GWAS ambulance crews who attended her mum during her school assembly at Stratford-sub-Castle Primary School, near Salisbury, last week.

Amy’s mum, Jade Barnett, 31, had suffered a severe epileptic fit and lost consciousness just before 5pm on 16 March. She continued fitting, but Amy was able to keep checking that her mum was still breathing.

Emergency care assistant Wendy Pearce – who was on board the ambulance that arrived alongside a rapid-response vehicle within minutes of Amy’s 999 call – said: “On arrival, we all thought she was going to burst into tears. However, she kept her cool and was able to relay all the information that we had asked for back to us. We were all taken by her attitude, calmness and common sense.”

While Jade was taken by the ambulance to Salisbury District Hospital, Wendy’s colleague – ambulance technician Claire Gurnett – stayed with Amy until her dad arrived home.

James Darch, the emergency call handler in the GWAS control room who took Amy’s call, said: “In order for us to get to patients quickly, it is important that anyone dialling 999 stays calm and tries to answer the important questions we have to ask.

“Despite obviously being frightened and upset, Amy was so brave and was able to answer all the questions. Her mum must be very proud of her.”

Jade returned home from hospital the following day, having been kept in overnight for observation and as a precaution.

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