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Big Med Playlist for The Big One | Oy Vey – White Lies

This add to the Big Med Playlist for The Big One is dedicated to Elwood – half of the Yid & The Kid crew who ran the streets of Montreal in the bad old days of EMS. Elwood will, no doubt, enjoy listening to a NYC band who call themselves Oy Vey blasting out the very catchy electro-pop-rock tune ‘White Lies.’ And in keeping with the vintage reference, these guys sound a bit like The Cure –   this is one infectious blast of music that belongs on an upbeat part of the playlist. Turn it up!

Oy Vey is an electro pop/rock band composed of Bryce Aubrey and Kevin Corcoran. Their influences range from Springsteen to Daft Punk to Fleetwood Mac to MGMT. Bryce (guitars) and Kevin (keyboards) have been childhood friends since 1999.

With a shared hatred for school and a great love for Bruce Springsteen, it was only natural that they would collaborate. The two wrote music together for many years and in many different forms, but eventually left for separate adventures, playing in musical projects in Chicago, New York, and New Orleans. Bryce and Kevin reunited in the winter of 2010, quickly forming Oy Vey and started immediately writing their first album, Botanical Curiosity.

Botanical Curiosity was recorded in Chicago at Kevin’s home studio and mastered at Sterling Sound by Steve Fallone in New York City. It is available for purchase on iTunes, CDbaby.com, and many other sites. It’s also available to stream in its entirety on www.oyveyband.com as well as on YouTube, where you can see the White Lies video.

While promoting Botanical Curiosity, Oy Vey started working at Strobe Recording Studio in Chicago on their follow-up record, Recession Girls, featuring drummer Johnny Rabb and Steven Stokes on bass. Recession Girls was released on February 14th to rave reviews. MTV recently added it to their publishing catalog. And Indie Rock Cafe chose “When I Was Young” as a Top 5 song for release week of February 14th and called Oy Vey a band to watch. Oy Vey now lives full-time in New York City.

Oy Vey is a band that loves dance music. While the songwriting may stay grounded in traditional rock-roots, they are never shy to layer it with enormous drums, synths, and ‘80s bombast.

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